About us

K2KYM karttaKymenlaakson Kauppakamari


Kymenlaakso Chamber of Commerce works for a vibrant Finland.

The organization has taken on the mission to develop the whole province and especially improve the prospects for business operations. We possess a strong influence in the region, and through our actions help in making Kymenlaakso more attractive and promoting the competitiveness of the local companies and enterprises. 

Kymenlaakso Chamber of Commerce has approximately 550 members in seven municipalities, which are Kotka, Hamina, Pyhtää, Miehikkälä, and Virolahti in southern Kymenlaakso and Kouvola and Iitti in northern Kymenlaakso.

The regional chambers of commerce bring together over 20,000 companies and corporate influencers from across the country. Finland Chamber of Commerce works on a national level, and the 19 regional chambers of commerce cover all areas of Finland.